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*This post includes gifted products with no pressure at all to share. 

My acne prone skin isn't something I used to share on the internet. However I realise now it's completely normal. It's something that exists and many, many people suffer from. It can be very painful and make you feel so down. 

I have had acne for as long as I can remember and as much as I realise I'm not alone and I'm obviously used to it as it's all I've known and it can't be helped, it still gets me down. 

When the texture of your skin goes bumpy and you feel your skin lightly burning and painful, you just wish a treatment would come along to fix these problems. I've tried so many products and nothing seems to touch it. There is one serum I've used before that has helped clear my skin but I haven't been able to find a full skincare routine to help. 

I should also say that no-one has to clear their acne and everyone feels different about it so if you're confident in your skin and you have acne, good for you. Personally, I really want to clear it up as much as possible. 

If you are looking for something to help potentially clear your acne... Say hello to Clear Skin Days

When Clear Skin Days reached out to me with something that might help, I felt SO happy. You know why? Because they of course recognised my skin problem and thought their product would help it. Feeling confident in your product to help clear acne is a big deal. 

When I looked into the products, I literally couldn't wait to try them. Each product only includes up to 12 raw ingredients. 

This brand felt different because it's SO simple to follow. I usually get sooo baffled with all of the skincare language and I actually work within the skincare world. Knowing what ingredients to use, what to use together is absolutely baffling to me. Knowing which product is best for your skin type etc. it's just exhausting. 

With Clear Skin Days, their range so far has only 7 products. You can use them all together. E-Z. (That's 'easy' if you didn't get it).  

Let's take a look at their products and what they do. I will add my view on each of them as we go along. 

They have the following products and you'd typically use them in this order:

Clarifying Cleanser* - 

Helps resurface skin and unclogs pores. It contains Glycolic Acid + Salicylic Acid - which I do know are meant to be good for acne, but I never know whether to use them together like I say. 

The cleanser lathers up a tiny amount after massaging it in for the recommended 20-30 seconds. It's more of a gel cleanser that turns kind of creamy which is really lovely and soothing. I can use this with makeup on and it melts it off SO easily and quickly. I don't use this on my eye make up. I really do enjoy using this and think it's really effective. 

You use the cleanser Morning & Evening. 

Clarifying Toner* - 

I LOVE this toner. It lifts dirt off your face you don't even realise was there! After removing makeup and cleansing, it still somehow finds more to take off your skin. It feels like a double cleanse as it lifts so much dirt and again, feels really soothing on your skin. It contains Lactic Acid + Liquorice Root. It's meant to exfoliate your skin for a more even tone & texture and helps to restore your skins natural balance to brighten your skin. 
I feel like this is a key product in the range. 

The toner is the first thing I ran out of. Possibly as I use a good amount as I love it so much. 

You use the toner Morning and Evening. 

Clarifying Serum* - 

The serum helps to prevent further & new breakouts and blackheads! This serum is super soothing and quick absorbing but it really helps hydrate your skin. I don't usually use a serum but I've been really loving this as it's like a second splash of water but thick. It contains Glycolic Acid + Salicylic Acid, it's very refreshing. You can feel a tiny tiny bit of tackiness but it disappears once it sinks in.  

You use the serum Morning and Evening.

Mattifying Moisturiser* - 

This moisturiser reduces the appearance of blemishes and the appearance of oily skin. It's a gel-like formula which again, feels hydrating but sinks in nicely. It contains Niacinamide + Panthenol. It's formulated with Vitamin B5 to boost hydration and an anti-pollution complex to protect against daily environmental stressors and prevent premature ageing.

You use the moisturiser Morning and Evening.

Mattifying powder* -

I don't think I've ever heard of this type of product before. It contains Willow Bark + Centella Asiatica. 

You mix a little bit of powder with your moisturiser or serum (I prefer to mix with moisturiser) and it literally makes a HUGE difference to your skin not feeling greasy! I have combination skin and it's either too dry or greasy. This powder acts like a permanent blotting paper. I feel it also gets better over time. It really does help with shine and the texture of my skin I'm sure has improved partly due to this. 

You use the powder Morning and Evening.

Spot Eraser Stick* - 

This is a great product to use on it's own if you can't afford the full range. Specifically if you don't suffer from acne and just have the odd spot. Roll the stick over your blemish and it really helps to reduce it quicker. I feel it helps speed the healing process up. It contains Salicylic Acid + Allantoin. 

My one issue with this stick is how it just pours out so quickly. I like that a lot of product comes out because it's actually going on your skin fully but I feel a lot is wasted as it's almost coming out too quick and too much. 

You use the eraser stick Morning and Evening.

Blemish Repair Paste - 

After using the rest of the range, I went and bought this myself as I was so intrigued given the results I had from the rest of the range. 

You use this one in the evenings before bed. It contains Zinc + Bakuchiol

It's AMAZING. It's like a more intense night time face mask and I feel like you can just tell it's working straight away. 

In the morning my face feels so fresh and clearer. Less red and irritated, it works wonders. 

It helps reduce the appearance of existing spots and prevents new spots forming. It combines Salicylic Acid and Zinc and works overnight to speed up blemish clearing. 

Along with the toner, I feel this is a key product in the range. If you just try one thing, try this <3

You use the repair paste in the Evening. 

To summarise: 

After 5 weeks I noticed the bigger difference with my skin clearing. It wasn't anywhere near as red, anywhere near as sore and the texture has improved dramatically. My skin wasn't lumpy and irritated. 

To see such a difference in just 5 weeks is a big deal. It's no time at all when you have bad acne! I hope you can see the major difference I can see. 

I religiously used the products every day and night no matter how tired I was or how late it got. Commitment is key.

I am continuing with using these and I'm so interested to see how my skin will improve further. If it's improved this much in 5 weeks, I have such high hopes the only way from here is...clear. 

I still have some spots of course and suffer with scarring which I'm trying to figure out what to do about, but I am so pleased with how this is working so far.

The below pictures are completely un-edited photos with no filter, in natural light. This is after 5 weeks. With any skincare regime, especially when you have acne, you NEED to give it time. 

This is the other side of my face. Just look at the difference! I think these photos show the texture and redness of my skin before. I took both pictures in the morning infront of the window with natural light. I guess one is slightly brighter due to better weather that day or something but the brightness of my skin / the reduced redness is totally different because of Clear Skin Days.

I feel confident in these products 1. because I'm seeing the results but 2. because there is NO FUSS. You literally buy them all, use them all and stick at it. It's not rocket science and you know they will all work together! 

To get all of the full information of what the products do, what ingredients are included and all the extra bits - please do check out the Clear Skin Days website here!  It will go into much more detail on what the products do.

The Clear Skin Days range is currently exclusively sold at Holland & Barrett and is often included in the penny sale which is incredible! Psst. it's on at the moment so be quick! I honestly don't know how long this is going to last but as of today, it is still on. Tomorrow, it may not be.

Do you suffer from acne or any skin problems? I'd love to know. Is there anything you do to help it? Have you discovered your solution? Let's chat in the comments <3 

Hol Xx

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